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Designed by one of Japan’s best denim fashion designers Azuma Shinihiro, who originally started his career with the world famous brand “Evisu Jeans” , back in 1991.

The concept of Iwa Jeans is all about high quality denim.

Iwa Jeans, which can be interpreted as “In this time” or “Time in Space”, does not forget the history of denim as it moves forward into the future mixing the new and the old with class and style.

These products are especially made for lovers of vintage wear.

They also include an original and unique Asian sense to their designs.

It will definitely be one of Japan’s and the world’s finest denim Jean brands in the years to come.

IWA JEANSの人気モデル、


デザイナー、Azuma Shinichiroが「最も愛すべきデニム」を形にするブランド、 IWA JEANS 。IWAとは“In this time” “Time in space” を意味する言葉。流行を追い掛けるだけのブランドでなく、時代にFITしヴィンテージ・ウェアを目指した物作りを追求する。数十年後も変らず愛情を持ち続け、決して手放すことが出来ないアイテムを生み出して行く。

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¥24,840 tax included